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‘Maudie’ tells the true story of Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis who would sell her paintings on the doorstep of her small house in Nova Scotia. The film stars Sally Hawkins in the lead role alongside Ethan Hawke. ‘Maudie’ is the latest feature film from Irish writer & director Aisling Walsh.

This is a very slow paced piece of film and at the start of the movie it’s hard to grasp where the narrative is headed. It’s quite uneventful for some time and the use of one setting for almost the entire film doesn’t help with this either. However this seemingly meaningless collection of scenes is actually essential for the emotional development of the film and once the drama progresses you will see the benefit of this slow build up. Ultimately the story ends up being incredibly charming and at times particularly emotional. This comes as a result of the mixed tone the film has. As whilst the story is wonderfully charming it has a certain degree of darkness to it as well. The score perfectly encapsulates this simultaneously being amiable and sombre, helping to combine scenes together creating the overall story.

There has been a noticeable buzz surrounding the performance from Sally Hawkins in ‘Maudie’ and rightfully so. She demonstrates so many different qualities of her character, each equally as impressive as the last. In doing so she pays a wonderful tribute to the real Maud Lewis, her work and life. Hawke performs alongside her in a similar sized role and he also delvers a fantastic performance. They have a very effective chemistry which goes a long way in creating the complex tone that I previously mentioned. All the supporting cast are good too but this film is about the relationship between the two central characters and they rightfully dominate the running time of the film.

‘Maudie’ is a lovely insight into the life of a passionate woman who spent her years doing what she loved the most. Whilst it is a little slow moving, this is necessary to achieve the more powerful moments that occur later on in the film. Both Hawkins & Hawke give layered performances which enhance this drama at every turn. Topped off with an effective score ‘Maudie’ is a very impressive directorial effort from Aisling Walsh.

Rating – 8/10

Question: What is your favourite Sally Hawkins performance?
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