Super Troopers 2


(spoiler free)

I’ll be honest, I’d never even heard of ‘Super Troopers’ before learning about its sequel. ‘Super Troopers 2’ arrives almost two decades after the original film, of which I really wasn’t a fan. I thought I had better do my homework before seeing the sequel but all it did was drastically lower my expectations for it. All that I could hope for is that some kind of improvement was made and that this long awaited sequel would be somewhat more bearable than its predecessor.

This time around the plot sees the original gang of troopers brought back onto the job when they are recruited to set up a new Highway Patrol station as a result of an American/Canadian border dispute. With some new names attached to this sequel such as Seann William Scott and Damon Wayans Jr. I’d hoped they would inject some much needed freshness into the film. However any hope of this is quickly squashed as the film’s ludicrous opening sequence reveals that these actors feature in nothing more than cameo style roles. After the bombshell of realising that it would be solely the original gang we’d be forced to spend our time with once more the film doesn’t get off to the best of starts. The narrative is overall completely predictable (painful romance side plot included) and for a long time goes nowhere, for a while the film has literally no redeeming features and the narrative is a big reason for this. Furthermore, the characters are as unlikable and unmemorable as the first time round which only adds to the dismay of contemplating the next ninety minutes you’ll have to endure.

However, as the film progressed and some running jokes were established the mostly average and unfunny comedy actually began to land. Don’t get me wrong though, this film is more bad than it is good but I went from laughing at nothing to at least finding some of the gags amusing. The highlight of the film is a sequence which sees the troopers impersonate the Canadian officers involved in the dispute. It’s a comedic breath of fresh air amongst an otherwise largely humourless cinematic outing. Other than this sequence some of the American versus Canadian culture comedy works, as does some of the physical comedy and there are some amusing nods to the original film which fans will enjoy and appreciate. The returning cast don’t turn in any remarkable performances but they are serviceable for this type of low budget comedy and actually do manage to create more watchable versions of their characters than from the original.

So I guess what I’d hoped for actually did happen, ‘Super Troopers 2’ is a vast improvement on the original film, albeit that wouldn’t be hard and I don’t want you to mistake this for a recommendation, as that, it is definitely not. The film lacks any real drive and its comedy isn’t consistent or effective enough for it to stand out in its genre, let alone the weekly cinema listings it’s sharing the screen with. This is one comedy series that doesn’t need to be a trilogy, so here’s hoping the gang have had their fun and can hang up their badges for good – there’s certainly nothing super about these troopers.

Written by Hamish Calvert

Rating – 3/10

Question: What’s the most disappointing comedy sequel you’ve ever seen?
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