(spoiler free)

‘Lionheart’, Netflix’s first Original film of the year sees Genevieve Nnaji star in the leading role as well as direct. She plays Adaeze, a business woman who works for her father’s transport company Lionheart. After it’s brought to her attention that the family business isn’t as stable as she thought it’s up to her to try and save Lionheart from collapsing from under her.

What’s that saying about buses? You wait ages for one and then two show up at once. Well in ‘Lionheart’ you’ll be waiting the entire running time for any kind of engaging narrative to arrive. Despite the potential to tell an empowering story about a woman in a male dominated culture and company there’s simply nothing interesting about this narrative – it’s literally about buses and debt. This dull screenplay prevents the enthusiastic cast from delivering any kind of memorable performances which is a major disservice to them as with the right material this collection of performers could be great. In addition to this the film paints certain minor characters in a very cartoonish, almost villainous light which confuses the tone of the film, as well as the score which has an odd mixture of lighthearted sounds and more sombre beats. This combination of mismatched tones and its snail like pace ensure that ‘Lionheart’ is one cinematic bus you will wish you’d missed.

Stories from lesser explored cultures always have the potential to engage audiences and here scenes that channel the cast’s chemistry give glimpses of what could have been but the uninspired writing does nothing to capitalise on this. It’s for this reason that the pace feels slower than that of a broken down bus and ultimately with Netflix releasing such entertaining content recently ‘Lionheart’ fails to contribute anything at all to this exciting momentum.

Written by Hamish Calvert

Rating – 2/10

Question: What is your favourite film set in Africa?
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