Zavvi’s Jurassic Park Primal Collection Launch

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On a rainy evening in Manchester, within the King Street Townhouse’s intimate basement, the cool kids from Zavvi hosted a launch party for their new range: Jurassic Park Primal Collection. Celebrating all that’s great with the ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise (mostly the original film), the new gear not only combines the original logos with a bit a flavour, but introduces original designs championing other great aspects of ‘Jurassic Park’.

Not only a spectacle of the Primal Collection, but a celebration of ‘Jurassic Park’ itself, the party entailed a screening of the original film and a post-screening panel featuring some of the North West’s top film talent. Beforehand, margaritas and delicious food, accommodating both herbivores and carnivores, were on offer to those in attendance.

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Though not quite the size of Manchester Printworks’ IMAX, yet infinitely superior to any television viewing, the large screening of ‘Jurassic Park’ opened doors to excitement, laughter and tears from the audience – a crowd age ranging from one guest being 8 years-old during the original 1993 run to another guest experiencing ‘Jurassic Park’ (and gorgeous Goldblum) for the FIRST TIME. A film central with the idea of family, presented in the format of a CGI blockbuster, yet encouraging us to acknowledge the dangers of science, Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jurassic Park’ was proven again to be a timeless classic.

Featuring Zavvi’s Emily Murray alongside illustrator Mark Bell, UNILAD’s Tom Percival, Screen Queenz’ Millicent Thomas, and MANIFF’s Neil Jeram-Croft, the post-screening panel was both insightful as it was comedic. From a personal element learning of the panelists’ first ‘Jurassic Park’ experience and favourite shot/sequence to the historical element of James Cameron losing out to Steven Spielberg and character differences between book and screen, this excellent panel was not to be missed.

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Many, many congratulations go out to Zavvi’s Emily Murray & co. for organising a very successful evening for the launch of the new Primal Collection range. Like Dr. Malcolm, you too can be a Style Icon by purchasing the hottest ‘Jurassic Park’ clothing HERE – buy it now before it goes extinct…

Written by Dominic Hastings


Question: What is your favourite moment from the original Jurassic Park movie?
(Leave your answers in the comments section below!)

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