The Decade’s Best Film?

HCMovieReviews Top 100 Films of the Decade

What is this decade’s best film? Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi masterpiece ‘Inception’, Greta Gerwig’s coming of age drama ‘Lady Bird’, Jordan Peele’s excellent satirical horror ‘Get Out’, Jon Turteltaub’s shark thriller, ‘The Meg’, (okay probably not this one) or something completely different!?

Our Idea

We at HCMovieReviews want to find out, and we need your help! Our plan is to compile a collaborative list of the decade’s best films according to all of us, the people who eat, sleep and breathe cinema! With so many great films having been released over the last ten years we want to celebrate as many as possible and we have decided that a ranked list of one hundred is the perfect amount to allow us to do so. This list will be hugely collaborative as we ask our readers, Film Twitter, and beyond to contribute by sending us their own personal Top 100 list which we will then compile into one complete list so we can discover what comes out on top at the number one spot becoming our film of the decade!


  • This list will be based on UK general cinema release dates, any film released from January 1st 2010 up until December 26th 2019 will be eligible to be included. However, this does mean that unfortunately films such as ‘Jojo Rabbit’ won’t be eligible despite their US release being within this decade. Be careful of your early 2010 entries here too!
  • Cinema releases, straight-to-DVD and streaming service originals are all eligible too so if you really loved ‘Bird Box’ now is the time to speak up.
  • The scoring system will see the number one pick on each contributors list receiving 100 points, the number two film receiving 99 points and so on until the number one hundred pick recieves 1 point. The final list will be compiled and ranked based on the total number of points each film has received across all contributors.
  • A film can only appear once on any given list and any lists that have multiple rankings of the same film won’t be counted towards the final list.
  • The closing date for submitting lists will be Monday 30th December allowing for a final weekend to see films released on the 26th, just in case ‘Spies in Disguise’ makes it onto anyone’s list! We have the aim of publishing the final list in early January (specific date to be confirmed).
  • Once a list has been submitted it cannot be altered, unless we find a mistake with your list, be like Santa Claus – make your list and check it twice!

How to Get Involved

The best way you can get involved is to start compiling your list. It might take some time to pick and rank your favourite 100 so we recommend starting sooner rather than later. Once you are happy with your list please send it to with ‘TOP 100’ as the subject. You can also help by spreading the word, we want this to be an as representative list as possible with as many lists as we can include so all likes, RTs and comments are much appreciated. We will also be using the hash tag #HCMRsTop100 throughout our social media posts so please join in with this. Finally if anyone would like to design some promotional images for us to use alongside our final list and as we collect personal lists please get in touch through the aforementioned email address.

Fun Facts we’ll be Publishing alongside the Final List

  • How many contributors were used to compile the final list
  • How many different films were mentioned throughout all the lists
  • How many different films were at the number one spot throughout all the lists
  • Wild cards: movies that only appeared on one list

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