Zavvi’s Gotham Guardian Collection Launch


On a dark and gloomy November night…Manchester certainly resembles Gotham City. But where is the Batman?.. Manchester’s Kingstreet Townhouse, obviously. For the last time this year, unfortunately, the heroes from Zavvi hosted another fine, Bat-tacular launch party, and their finest yet: Gotham Guardian Collection. In celebrating the Batman, the new gear takes inspiration from the darker elements surrounding the Dark Knight – the grittier the better, perhaps. No grey and blue Batsuits to be seen here!

Appearing as a sidekick to the Gotham Guardian Collection: a screening of the 1989 classic, ‘Batman’. Not many sidekicks appear in so much prestige, yet Tim Burton’s dark and somewhat humorous take on Batman is a definitive pop culture classic. In book-ending the screening, a mini quiz and prize giveaway took place beforehand, whilst as always, an insightful and exciting Q&A panel took place afterwards.

In recent years, both ‘Batman’ and ‘Batman Returns’, as well as Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Batman, have received a resurgence in praise and fandom, to almost revisionist levels. With Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’ seemingly feeling like a lifetime ago, we now live within the cycle of Keaton’s Batman existing as the superlative. Watching a beautiful 4K presentation of ‘Batman’ does indeed fuel the modern love, and my god, from Prince’s soundtrack to Keaton’s “You wanna get nuts?!”, the 1989 classic is cinematic gold.

The subsequent post-screening panel hosted by Zavvi’s Emily was of exceptional quality. From fanboy discussion to critical debate over why Batman has existed is mainstream popularity for such an extensive period – always re-imagined, re-adapted, re-interpreted. The concept of Batman’s existence in popular culture is fantastic. It was conceived that ‘Batman’ is legitimately the perfect blend of camp and dark – the clown providing the former, the Dark Knight the latter. With ‘Batman’ re-establishing the live action character as ‘cool’ again for the years to come, millions of new fans were ushered in on the Batman craze, buying merchandise by the bucket load, making uncle Jack a very rich man… With ‘Batman’ being responsible for so much of the character’s fandom (though not necessarily pleasing the comic fans), the 1989 movie was always going to be the genesis of inspiration for the Gotham Guardian Collection, which you can browse HERE.

With the Gotham Guardian Collection being the last launch event of the year, it is with great joy to reflect back on the previous events over the last few months and be extraordinarily thankful for having the privilege of being in attendance. Great hosts, great organisation, great crowds, and of course, great clothing collections, many thanks and congratulations go out once again to Emily and the rest of the Zavvi team.

Now builds the anticipation for next year…

Written by Dominic Hastings


Question: Who is your favorite Batman?
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