Why a Jaws Remake Isn’t Such a Bad Idea

Jaws Poster

‘We Got This Covered’ are reporting that Steven Spielberg’s classic monster movie, ‘Jaws’ is set the be the latest film to receive the Hollywood remake treatment. According to their source, Universal are set to remake the film with Spielberg potentially producing, you can read the full article HERE. Whilst only time will tell if this is merely a rumour or not it’s fun to speculate over the possibilities of remaking such a beloved classic. The reactions to the news in this article have not been favourable, only reinforcing how deeply adored this film is, but we think there could be merit to a remake.

Uncharted Waters

It’s obvious that ‘Jaws’ doesn’t need to be remade, it’s an excellent film that’s stood the test of time. Really only bad films should be remade. However, as ‘Jaws’ is based on Peter Benchley’s novel a remake allows for the opportunity to explore elements that weren’t included in the original film. There are numerous differences between the book and the film, some minor and some major. One example of this, spoiler warning for the book here, is that in Benchley’s novel Ellen Brody and Hooper actually have an affair. This is a prominent plot thread in the novel and one that could completely change the dynamic of the narrative in the film if included. Nonetheless, a remake allows for this chance to more deeply explore the source material and potentially find ways to bring plot points previously left adrift straight onto cinematic shores.

Jaw5, sequel rather than remake

It’s completely understandable that people feel that a remake is unnecessary, ‘Jaws’ is a great film and many would suggest that you can’t improve on it. This may well be true so instead of a remake why not make it a sequel? This sequel could adopt a similar approach to ‘Halloween’ (2018) which retconned the sequels, of questionable quality, that came in the years after the original 1978 horror classic. The Jaws series doesn’t have anywhere near as many sequels as the Halloween series so this approach might not even be nessecary. However, the strategy worked for Halloween with another two films now on the way, so making a new Jaws film a sequel, rather than remake could result in a whole shoal of shark cinema swimming its way onto screens soon.

Shark Invested Waters

There aren’t too many critics of ‘Jaws’ but just like for every film, believe it or not, they do exist. The main complaint that they seem to have with the film is the look of the shark, how shallow! “The shark looked fake” or “I couldn’t take it seriously, it didn’t look real” are comments you’ll often be met with when trying to get to the bottom of their dislike of the film. Whilst this clearly isn’t an issue for fans of the film a remake would be able to take advantage of the progression in effects work seen in the industry over the years. Jaume Collet-Serra’s excellent shark thriller ‘The Shallows’ is a fine example of how far CGI has come in this genre. With a strong investment into the effects work of the shark a ‘Jaws’ remake could keep Amity Island free from critics.


Casting & Directing

The best part of speculating about any potential remake is of course the casting and directing. Who should be called upon to bring this classic back into cinemas? There’s three main characters to cast here; Chief Brody, Hooper and Quint. There’s endless possibilities as to who could be cast here, and who’s to say that the casting couldn’t be gender flipped? Who wouldn’t want to see Jessica Chastain’s Brody, team up with Lupita Nyong’o’s Quint and Tessa Thompson’s Hooper!?

In terms of directing it’s rumoured that Universal are eyeing ‘It’ director Andy Muschietti. This is a fine choice considering the successes he’s had in the genre. Some other potential candidates that could be a good fit include Karyn Kusama. Her taut thriller ‘The Invitation’ demonstrates her fantastic ability to drench her films in tension and dread, something that is a must have for any remake of ‘Jaws’. Jordan Vogt-Roberts is another name who is worth considering. His previous work on 2017 action adventure ‘Kong: Skull Island’ showcases how much of an eye he has for monster movies. His talent for delivering action sequences of man versus monster could prove invaluable for remaking a film where sequences like this are so intrinsic to its value.

However, regardless of who is chosen if said remake goes ahead we hope that with Spielberg potentially serving as producer he’ll keep a watchful eye over the proceedings, keeping this cinematic ship on course.


The fears about remaking a classic are warranted, it’s been done before and ended horribly, see ‘Point Break’ (2015) for a relatively recent example of this. However, has this affected the original? No. The same would be for any potential ‘Jaws’ remake, the legacy of the original wouldn’t be affected. We think for the chance to have another fine entry into the shark sub genre of cinema it’s worth the risk, but what do you think? Should ‘Jaws’ be remade? Leave a comment below or tweet us @HCMovieReviews and tell us who you’d cast in a remake and who you’d want in the directors chair.

Written by Hamish Calvert

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