The Lovebirds


(spoiler free)

Originally intended to be a theatrical release from Paramount Pictures, The Lovebirds fell victim to the current situation which has seen the closure of cinemas worldwide. However, whilst not meeting its initial release date of April 3rd streaming giant Netflix stepped in and secured the rights to release the film, and as a result audiences can now enjoy the film online at home. 

The Lovebirds stars Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani as Leilani and Jibran, a quarreling couple who get caught up in a murder investigation. The film is directed by Michael Showalter, who previously directed The Big Sick which also starred Nanjiani, and is written by Aaron Abrams. The concept here is nothing we haven’t seen before, a couple of innocent civilians get caught in a criminal crossfire and must fight to clear their names. It’s the type of film which feels made for streaming, so its change in release plans may actually earn it a better response than if it was released in the cinemas. You’ll feel satisfied watching it at home but may have been less impressed if you’d gone to the effort of seeing it on the big screen. The narrative, whilst doing nothing to make the film a must-see is complimented by some genuinely funny moments of comedy. It’s not a laugh a minute but there are definitely plenty of moments that are effective enough to make the film entertaining.

Although above everything else what makes The Lovebirds the most engaging is the fantastic performances from its lead actors. Both Rae and Nanjiani are effortlessly likeable and they share a wonderful on screen chemistry. The are responsible for selling a lot of the comedy that is written into this screenplay and they deliver on this so well, making certain scenes laugh out loud funny. Their romantic chemistry, whilst not focused on as much as the comedic side of things is convincing too and showcases their talent and versatility as performers. Their efforts here wholly elevate what could have been a more mediocre outing if left to lesser talented performers.

Ultimately The Lovebirds is an easy and entertaining watch that feels right at home on Netflix, rather than on the big screen. It’s most definitely better than a lot of the original Netflix content that it has similarities with, its collection of well written comedy and superb leading actors setting it apart. Coming in at under ninety minutes too The Lovebirds is a swift and undemanding watch that doesn’t feel like it’s robin you of your time, offering audiences a lark and a laugh here and there.

Written by Hamish Calvert


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