Meet The Team

Troy Balmayer (Sept 2017 – Present)

Troy is an avid film fan who happens to work at a cinema too. He’d jump in and say what his favourite movie is but that choice changes frequently. Troy loves a wide range of movies but ‘Run Lola Run’ is always in his Top 10. Troy enjoys writing short and full length screenplays in any spare time he can find. He also got the pleasure and incredible thrill to live and study in New York back in 2015, at the NY Film Academy which is something he’ll never forget.

You can follow Troy on Twitter @TBTheReviewClub

Ariba Bhuvad (Sept 2017 – Present)

Ariba is a 30-year old TV show aficionado (to put it lightly) from Arizona. She enjoys anything from comedy to British period dramas. Let’s just say, it’s safe to assume she loves all things TV. To pursue this passion further, she started her own blog, , to talk about and discuss everything pertaining to TV (current, old, and upcoming shows). She enjoys attending San Diego Comic-Con every year with her siblings and basking in all her nerd glory.

You can follow Ariba on Twitter

Hamish Calvert (May 2013 – Present)

Hamish is a freelance film writer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He’s the Editor in Chief of HCMovieReviews which he established in April 2013. His film and television interests, like many, cover countless genres including spy thrillers, sci-fi horrors but maybe most importantly of all – shitty shark movies.

You can follow Hamish on Twitter @HamishCalvert

Conor Crooks (Sept 2019 – Present)

Loving the movies from a young age beginning with ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Space Jam’, Conor followed this love from Belfast to Newcastle Upon Tyne to study Film and TV at Northumbria University. During his year out he realised he needed an outlet to rant about all things movies and began to write reviews and articles about whatever he was watching. Now back at University, in Newcastle and studying a masters in Film, Conor spends much of his spare time living and breathing cinema. He works part-time at Vans and also plays basketball. Forming a top ten is an ongoing internal debate but ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘2001’, ‘Moonlight’ and most of Kurosawa’s filmography are always in contention. He’s a sucker for a good soundtrack and will always argue the acting merits of Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan.

You can follow Conor on Twitter: @Conor_Crooks

Louie Fecou (Sept 2017 – Present)

Louie is an avid film and television fan from Scotland, that has enjoyed a short but successful writing career. He started writing for a local newspaper in 2011. His popular column was focused on health and fitness, but he learned his trade working to deadlines and word counts. After enjoying his own column, Louie also contributed features and articles before finally finding a web site that would run his movie reviews, you can read these at We Have A Hulk. He continues to write, as well as holding down a full time job in the fitness industry. Among others the films Louie would take to a desert island are ‘Bladerunner’, ‘Angel Heart’ and ‘Watchmen’. Don’t judge him.

You can follow Louie on Twitter @LOUIEF2000

George Haigh (Sept 2017 – Jan 2019)

George is a 22 year old film and media studies graduate from Manchester. His recent travels have taken him to America, but will be returning to dividing his time between Manchester and Bangor, Northern Ireland. His favourite films would feel jealous if left out, so on a broader scale they range from the works of Kubrick to Kurosawa. More recently, his favourite things to watch have been the TV series ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Master of None’. Oh, and he loves documentaries, and the music of Frank Ocean.

You can follow George on Twitter @_whatgeorgesaid

Dominic Hastings (Aug 2018 – Present)

Based in Manchester (UK), Dominic is an MA Media Production student and self-proclaiming ‘expert’ of film – his area of expertise lies within the independent and mainstream action cinemas between the 1970s and early 2000s. Action aside, Dominic takes great pride in the likes of ‘American Psycho’, ‘BASEketball’ and ‘Ghostbusters’ too, often mirroring the musical tastes of Patrick Bateman. Outside of film, Dominic can often be found at Old Trafford or in YO! Sushi with his partner for their anniversary.

You can follow Dominic on Twitter @ThisIsTheDom

Ryan Hollinger (Sept 2017 – Present)

Ryan is a Design & Animation graduate from Ulster University with an extensive background in commercial media and film production. Starting independently as a video producer and editor, Ryan has worked in game design, animation and live event coordination while continuing to grow his own show Screen Smart, a retrospective video series that critically explores his favourite entertainment, to 100k+ subscribers and 8.8+ million views total. When not doing that, he’s a local and international dodgeball player just for fun.

You can follow Ryan on Twitter @RyanHollinger

Joseph McFarlane (Sept 2017 – Present)

At the age of 21, Joe finished his film studies bachelor with a first class honor. He is currently located in Norway where he lives with his partner and intends to pursue his career in film & TV journalism. The aim of Joe’s work is reflected in his writing – through his interest for audience interpretation, combined with his laid back personality and wit, he engages with the reader as an audience member to offer informative yet entertaining content with a personal, honest twist. His passion for film and natural vocal skills (usually at a pub, accompanied by a trusty pint of Guinness, or two) characterize Joe’s body of work, developing his own interpretations and analysis with new fresh ideas to leave for his readers and anybody who wishes to listen.

You can follow Joseph on Twitter @JoeFilmJourno

Lee McMonagle (Sept 2017 – Present)

Lee is an avid movie – goer and self – confessed film geek from Glasgow, Scotland. Lee discovered his love for the world of film at a young age, but this soon turned into a full – time obsession while he was studying at university. Rather than doing things that would be expected of a normal student, like, you know, attending lectures, Lee could usually be found spending all day in the nearby cinema watching as many movies as possible without attracting the attention of the university attendance board. His favourite movies include ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘The Departed’, ‘Toy Story’, ‘Catch Me if You Can’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’, really… just anything with Tom Hanks in it. In fact, Lee’s proudest moment in life came when he met Tom Hanks and, miraculously, did not immediately combust. Check out his movie musings over at his YouTube channel WeegieMovies.

You can follow Lee on Twitter @yourpallee

Jimmy Sherwood (Sept 2017 – Present)

Jimmy is a 21 year old voice-actor, scriptwriter and producer from Wales, U.K. He has recently graduated from Aberystwyth University with a BA (Hons) in Film and Television. Within recent years, he has been a business owner, photographer, video editor and cinematographer to name but a few endeavours. His favourite films include a lot of classic 80’s feel-good movies such as ‘The Breakfast Club’, ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Stand By Me’. He also enjoys a lot of animated shows, both Western and Japanese, whilst also finding himself getting lost in various television shows, the genres of which depend on his mood at the time. Aside from writing reviews, you can find Jimmy lending his voice to small indie games, as well as various types of content all across the Internet.

You can follow Jimmy on Twitter

Jake Young (May 2018 – Dec 2019)

Graduating in Film and Television, Jake is a self-confessed cinema obsessive. This 21-year-old from Wales, UK is a contributing writer for a local magazine and trying to find his way through the big bad world. Seeking to share his opinions in a way that general audience members and the more insightful cinema goers can get something out of, he has started his own blog for movie musings; Middle Man Movies. He has always found it very difficult to pin down favourite films but he clarifies that he would watch almost anything intended for film. From the works of Jan Svankmajer to Orson Welles to Michael Bay, it is all on his radar. However, some filmmakers he has a fondness for are Kubrick, Tarantino, David Lean and one of his favourite cinematic quotes of all time is the ‘tears in rain’ speech.

You can follow Jake on twitter @youngjake_

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