Unstoppable (DVD Screening)


With Chris Pine starring in one of the summer blockbusters, namely Star Trek: Into Darkness, I wanted to watch some of his stuff he had been in before.  Before watching this movie I did have reservations as I thought how interesting could a film all about trains be? I was so wrong.

Unstoppable did a surprisingly good job of keeping the viewer entertained and the variety of scenes on the train had me wondering what they were going to do next.  With this being based on a true story, it gave it that element of reality which was useful as you found yourself really rooting for the characters throughout.  However as this story is based on a accident rather than say a terrorist plot there was a lack of any main villain.

The on screen relationship between Pine and Washington’s character was great and provided some much needed comic moments amongst this tense storyline.  This was also useful for revealing back stories to the characters without boring the viewer, but adding something different to the plot.

BIGGEST FLAW – The absence of a villain (although it wouldn’t really have been appropriate)

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The relationship between Pine and Washington’s characters

Rating – 8.5/10


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