Collateral (DVD Screening)


(Some Spoilers)

I had no real expectations before watching this, which I think is the best way to go into films and enables you to enjoy movies more.  Collateral starts with an appearance from Jason Statham, any film that starts like this is bound to be great. I was hoping for Statham to make a re-appearance at some point but unfortunately he didn’t.  Although this was not needed as there was an unreal cast which added so much to the film, namely Javier Bardem and Mark Ruffalo.

I feel that ‘Drive’ might have taken some inspiration from this movie, as that’s what I kept being reminded of throughout.  What this movie also did brilliantly was blend very tense moments with subtle humor which I didn’t think would have been appropriate with this plot but actually worked really well.  The plot was great, it was well developed but simple enough to follow and the reveal of the story was broken up with several great action sequences.

Tom Cruise was such a good villain as well which surprised me, I had only seen films with him as the ‘good guy’ so this surprised me but I actually think this was one of Cruise’s stronger performances if not his best.  Also another great factor was the soundtrack to this, which helped set the atmosphere on several occasions, brilliant action thriller movie with twists and shocks the whole way through – did not disappoint.

BIGGEST FLAW – Possible continuity errors (nit-picking)

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Cruise’s performance as a villain

Rating – 10/10


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