Safe House (DVD Screening)



Right from the start it was clear that this film was going to be one of many twists and shocks, and this it most definitely was.  Very close to the start it is reveled that there is an inside man in the CIA, and I immediately decided upon it being Barlow.  However as the story unfolded I quickly changed my mind, coming to the conclusion that it must have been Linklater.  The fact that it actually ended up being Barlow demonstrates a very clever plot always keeping you guessing.

This film was tense and this was helped by the unpredictability of Washington’s character, Frost.  After the first quarter of the film it was clear that any pro-longed silences would be broken by a gun shot/car crash etc however these still provided shock.  However at one stage in the middle of the film I did think the story was moving slightly to slowly.  I thought Reynolds portrayed his character well and was a realistic hero showing emotion and taking hits just as much as he gave them out.

The actions sequences were good, I think the combat scenes were better than the driving scenes as I have seen much better in the other movies regarding car chases etc, but the fighting seemed realistic and believable.  The use of slow-motion in parts also added to the shots.

At the conclusion to the film I was still slightly confused with the back story regarding Frost and I don’t know that the last scene featuring the interview/debrief was required however I did enjoyed Reynolds last line.

BIGGEST FLAW – Slow pace towards the middle of the movie


Rating – 8/10


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