Olympus Has Fallen (Cinema Screening)



I was majorly excited to see this film, and usually with that in mind it’s hard for a film to maintain my expectations, however ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ exceeded them.  Any President hostage situation usually makes for an exciting film, but flip this was something else.  So tense the whole way through and it steered clear of the usual cliches. There were so many shock moments which kept the suspense up but not so many to make the storyline unrealistic. The twist revealing that Forbes was actually a double agent was brilliant but he was possibly killed off too soon, I felt that maybe there was a little more to his character.

Before watching the film I was annoyed that the trailer revealed a major plot point, namely the death of the first lady.  However this scene still created a tense atmosphere and knowing what was going to happen didn’t take anything away from it. Gerard Butler was class as the hero, but Aaron Eckhart’s performance as the President was brilliant.  He didn’t do the often usual portrayal of the ‘useless old man president’ but was a much more active and exciting character.

What was really good about this film was the characters.  The villains were so unlikable which is necessary for an involved storyline, and it really helped you get behind the hostages and Butler’s character who were all very likeable and I felt a real desire for them to survive and to overcome the villains.  Amongst this tense action thriller there was actually some really funny dialogue which fitted in well, especially Butler’s comebacks to Kang.

BIGGEST FLAW – Killing off Forbes too soon.

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The tense atmosphere throughout.

Best film I have seen this year.

Rating – 10/10


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