Star Trek Into Darkness (Cinema Screening)



This was the 2nd of the so called Summer blockbusters that I have now seen and flip this was so much better than Iron Man 3.  It was always going to be hard to make a sequel when the first in the series was so good! However J.J. Abrams managed to do it again.

One thing I love about this franchise is the characters, they are all so likable – all those on board the ‘enterprise’ bring different things to the dialogue and storyline keeping it fresh and entertaining.  In this outing it was Simon Pegg (Scotty) who was the stand out for me. Pegg has found his niche with this character in my opinion and I hope that he returns to this role in the future.

Towards the middle of this film I was wishing that the plot was more simplistic, more like the first outing – however I understand that to keep things interesting and to develop the story the plot needs to become a bit more complicated although by the end of the movie this was no longer a problem and I understood more clearly.  One thing I am not too fond of is the random aliens in most shots, I am by no means a ‘Trekkie’ so don’t know much about Star Trek but I don’t think these are necessary and I didn’t really enjoy the brief introduction to the Klingons.  Although the fact they didn’t feature again after was good as it helped me forget them quickly. This may be staying true to the original movies/TV shows but I think they should steer clear of it in the movies as they attract a different kind of audience.

I loved that the scene where Kirk, played by Chris Pine, dies is actually believable and you genuinely think that is it for him, and you can’t really piece together a way to get him back straight away, very few films are able to do this these days – most are very predictable. Straight after this as well it’s great when they all go kick ass on Khan – who was brilliantly portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch

BIGGEST FLAW – Random aliens in shots.

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Great cast, especially Simon Pegg.

Rating – 9.5/10


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