Deadfall (Cinema Screening)



I knew very little about this film before viewing it but this was probably a good thing as if I was to tell you the storyline it is probably not one that you would be rushing to see.  At times this film was slightly disturbing due to particular themes but these were necessary and as soon as you got over those the film was quite interesting.

Eric Bana did a brilliant job of playing the menacing character of Addison. He was an interesting character and despite being the main villain in this story there were more caring elements to his character which were revealed at certain points throughout.  There were a few action sequences throughout and the tense atmosphere kept you on edge throughout however the best part of the film was it’s climax.

The continued addition of more and more characters to the situation at the end was brilliant and because there were several story lines meeting at this point it was exciting to see how things played out, the right outcome was chosen giving a satisfying ending.  Although at a few points nearing the end as Bana’s character became more and more angry I couldn’t help but imagine him turning into the Hulk! I thought they could have teased out the fact that Jay still believed that he had killed his past coach, even though it was revealed that he only suffered a concussion, but maybe this would have been out of place in the final scene.  Olivia Wilde also put in a great performance, portraying her messed up character well.

BIGGEST FLAW – Not teasing out all plot points fully.

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Bana’s performance.

Rating – 9/10


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