The Last Samurai (DVD Screening)


(Some Spoilers)

I am a big fan off all things Asian so I’m surprised with myself that it has taken me so long to see this movie.  Cutting straight to the chase, it was brilliant.  Despite the 2 hour 20 minute length of the film it kept me entertained effortlessly through well performed action sequences, great characters and humour when appropriate.

My favorite section of the movie had to be when Tom Cruise’s character Algren is taken captive by Ken Watanabe’s character Katsumoto.  This is the sequence when we find out most about the characters and it is endearing to watch Algren merge with the Samurai society that is he is being held in, it was in this sequence where most of the humour was also presented.

The movie did a great job of creating unlikeable villains, which is always necessary for the viewer so they can really get behind the heroes. Complete douches some of them were in this film, but that adds to the whole story and makes victory so much better.

I love how realistic this movie was as it didn’t present the characters to have some super-human power, this was particularly evident in the battle scenes.  The battle scenes where brilliant and had just the right level of violence.  The death scenes throughout the movie were good as well they weren’t cheesy but fitted in well with the atmosphere the film had created with great help from the soundtrack which was super.

BIGGEST FLAW – The Emperor’s orange trousers, but apart from that I couldn’t fault it

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The reality of the battle sequences

P.S I was sad to see Billy Connolly’s character killed off so soon, he was very entertaining up until this point.

Rating – 10/10


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