Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (DVD Screening)


Smiley confronting Esterhase


I had heard a lot of mixed opinions about this film whilst it was out in the cinema, I never got to see it but always thought it looked quite good.  Unfortunately after watching it I would join the side of those who didn’t like this film.  I found it uninteresting and far too slow paced throughout.

There was a brilliant cast but that couldn’t save the film.  I found it very boring and hard to keep my attention.  At the start there were several flashbacks and at points it was hard to keep up with which scenes were happening in the present.  The film did pick up a little (stressing the little) pace towards the middle and end but not enough to sustain interest.

I also thought it was fairly obvious that the mole was Colin Firth’s character Haydon, which left little intrigue for the viewer.  Strangely though as I read over the plot again online it does seem like quite an interesting story, just somewhere between the script and the screen that must have been lost. So maybe this story would be better represented in John Le Carre’s novel of the same name.

The soundtrack was average and could have been better to enhance some scenes which may have prevented the movie becoming boring so frequently and another contributing factor to this was the length of some scenes, far too long. I gained a little interest when Tom Hardy’s charter, Tarr, was revealing his part of the story as it opened up some variety to the storyline but overall was simply left with a feeling of unsatisfactory level regarding the whole picture.

BIGGEST FLAW – Slow pace throughout


Rating – 3/10


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