Bait (DVD Screening)


Kyle and Heather watch as their car fills up with water as a Great White is circling the car park.


I am a huge fan of shark movies, I have and own far too many but there is just something about them that I love, its fun to guess who will make it to the end and see if your favorite will survive or not. I am awful at picking favorites in movies as they always seem to die.  Bait was no exception as all the characters I liked died.  Shark films are hard to get right you either have to make it really epic and avoid the gimmicks (Jaws) or you just make it so ridiculous that it becomes entertaining (Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus). Unfortunately Bait sort of fell into the middle of these and ended up being a bit rubbish.

The characters of Kyle and Heather were hilarious however, and provided a good few laughs with their relationship and dialogue, but then they went and killed off Kyle, why!? Bait did have a good concept, a shark loose in a shopping centre but they concealed the story to two areas which was a mistake they should have used the whole centre. Another thing that puzzled me was the amount of characters there were at the beginning, there were loads! And in the end 8 people survive, this is uncommon for shark movies and I didn’t like this, as there were only 4 shark attacks as such – a few more are needed to make a good shark flick. It was all very predictable too which was a shame.

I did enjoy the Aussie accents though and there were some good lines which kept me entertained. However because this film was originally made for 3D the graphics weren’t great and the sharks looked very fake at points. Also there was an overkill of dead bodies on show (pun not intended) throughout the whole movie which I felt was unnecessary.

For a shark movie there wasn’t really that much tension or jumpy moments which was a pity because I did like the idea behind it. Oh and its probably best that we don’t talk about the character development or the acting. One redeeming factor was the movies tagline – Coming to a store near you – so comical!

BIGGEST FLAW – Lack of actual Shark attacks

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Good idea (unfortunately that’s as far as it went)

Rating – 4/10


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