The Great Gatsby (Cinema Screening)



The Great Gatsby – simply a glorified extended episode of Eastenders. Unfortuntaley I didn’t really enjoy this movie, I just didn’t see the whole point to it.  I think I may know the reason why I didn’t enjoy it, when the group I went to the cinema with had our discussion after seeing the movie it was simple all the girls loved it and none of the guys thought that much of it.

Don’t get me wrong this movie seemed to be a masterpiece in terms of visuals and acting, but the story just didn’t interest me.  I enjoyed the first part of the movie and really liked the scene of the Gatsby’s first big party, really interesting to see a party in the 20’s at that level.  The music throughout was to be praised as well. I also liked the mystery regarding Gatsby’s past but when all was revealed it seemed slightly anti-climatic as was the scene with Gatsby confronting Buchanan.

Tobey Maguire has also redeemed himself in this picture after that string of terrible acting in the spider-man franchise. I did also enjoy the scenes featuring the cars but it was clear that there was going to be some sort of accident regarding them. The scene where Gatsby is killed wasn’t very tense, I feel they could have built that more.  I think I may have enjoyed this film more if I had read the book, as that was what others I watched it with said. However fans of this kind of movie will love it and I’m sure it will do very well.  Didn’t ruin my evening but don’t think it added much to it.  Just wasn’t to my personal taste.

BIGGEST FLAW – Uninteresting story


Rating – 5.5/10


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