The Hangover Part III (Cinema Screening)


The Wolfpack back in Las Vegas

So here we are, talking about the third and final installment of the Hangover franchise, how did that happen, It didn’t seem that long ago everyone was coming out of cinemas in tears of laughter and social networking sites exploded with quotes after the original movie, some how I don’t see that happening with Part III. The hangover series has been the closest we have had to the classic American Pie series but unfortunately this has come to and end with this final chapter.

Despite many others I did enjoy the 2nd part and thought it was a good follow up providing the same amount of laughs whilst still being fresh but this part just seemed like it was the deleted scenes from the first two movies.  The gags were simply not as funny as the previous two, some being completely unfunny. However saying that there was one scene in particular which was laugh out loud hilarious featuring Phil and Alan climbing down the front of the Ceaser’s Palace. Pure brilliance, much like most of the first two.

The problem with this one was just that it wasn’t really that funny, simple as that.  Fans will have come to expect outrageous scenes providing laughs the whole way through, yeah it was amusing but that’s all. They relied too heavily on Alan and Mr Chow who’s characters are now exhausted, im just glad that this is the final installment.  Completely unmemorable, like no quotes have stuck in my head and I have no desire to watch it again.

BIGGEST FLAW – Unmemorable

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Scene with Alan and Phil climbing down Ceaser’s Palace

Rating – 4.5/10


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