Reservoir Dogs (DVD Screening)

All the Misters


I had always seen short clips of this classic but until now hadn’t watched it fully.  I can see why people call it a classic, it was a simple story line but with enough depth to keep the viewers interest.  The use of the aliases was really good and I enjoyed trying to work out who was who at the start, assisted by the brief introduction to the main characters.

I had no idea who the ‘rat’ was and I liked how it was revealed that it was Mr. Orange – who I had kind of counted out.  Although I did find it strange how he was able to muster up the strength to shoot Mr. Blonde after the state he had been in for most of the movie. However I think that scene with Blonde, Orange and the cop had to be the best – Michael Madsen did a great job of portraying the menacing character that Mr. White accused him of being.

Personally I’m not a big fan of Quentin Tarantino as an actor so didn’t really think much of his acting input to the movie but he directed it very well.  Loved how you never actually saw the heist itself as you were able to imagine what happened yourself with the information that the characters provided.  The film does end quite abruptly but I liked that all the characters fate is sealed in this once short sequence (most simply dying) but also Mr. Pink making off with the diamonds. However there were quite a few notable mistakes throughout but these didn’t take away any enjoyment from the film.

BIGGEST FLAW – Tarantino featuring in the movie

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The variety of personalities represented by the Misters.

Reservoir Dogs, definitely a classic.

Rating – 9/10 

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