Gangster Squad (DVD Screening)


I never got to the cinema to see Gangster Squad but was eager to get it on DVD and give it a watch.  I enjoyed 2012’s Lawless which had a gangster slant and ‘Gangster Squad’ did not disappoint either.  A great cast who performed brilliantly a simple storyline of Good and loyal versus bad and corrupt.  It was refreshing that there was no character who double crossed either side as often these characters are predictable and add little effect.  

The introduction into some of the gangster squads family early on was clever as you always had that fear in the back of your mind that they may be attacked for the squads actions, so suspense was created from the get go.  All the characters were genuinely likeable and Sean Penn did a great job of playing the formidable Mickey Cohen. There was also humour placed where appropriate which was nice touch at times.

The action sequences were good and accompanied with a good soundtrack, however for a few at the beginning of the movie it was hard to see exactly what was going on as the scenes took part at night.  The use of slow motion for the final scene at the hotel lobby was great and look really good.  However I found it kind of amusing that when O’Mara has Cohen cornered instead of simply cuffing him he decides to through his gun away and have a boxing style face-off, clearly because Cohen had a history as a boxer.

From the cars to the bars I think a great job was done to give of that 40’s feel and really enjoyed getting a look into the culture back then.  The story was great because it was so simple but I would have liked it to have been stretched out slightly further maybe to the 2 hour mark just to make it that bit more epic but saying that the Squad did fantastic and a really great picture was the result. Great gangster flick.

BIGGEST FLAW – Could have been slightly longer

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Everything looked really slick

Rating – 10/10


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