Die Hard 2 (DVD Screening)


John McClane back in action again


Die Hard 2, Die Harder.  The title suggests more outrageous action that the previous outing, however the reality was a little different.  The setting for this chapter of the Die Hard franchise just wasn’t exciting enough.  The area was too big and there wasn’t the same level of tension that the first created, however I understand that they didn’t simply want to make the second film exactly the same as the first but they had a hard act to follow.

The villain(s) in this started of with promise but quickly faded into unmemorable characters.  I enjoyed the few references to the events of the first film at but after several more I felt that it relied too heavily on the success of the first movie.  Willis still came out with some quality lines and there were some good action sequences. Notably the fight which ends up with McClane’s adversary with an icicle through his eye, brilliant.

I did enjoy the appearance of Al, I think if they had of kept this as the only significant link to the first chapter it would have been better as I didn’t enjoy the appearance of the news reporter from the first one however his involvement did provide some comedy. I also thought Major Grant swapping sides was completely pointless and added nothing to the plot!

BIGGEST FLAW – Poor villains

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Al’s brief return

Rating – 7/10


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