The Purge (Cinema Screening)



Firstly I have to say that the whole idea of the purge made me quite uncomfortable, it’s a mad idea and it was strange to see how calm most of the characters were about the whole scenario. The film had so many moral issues which I did enjoy such as the haves and the have-nots. However one scene in particular (when they nearly give up the homeless man) was very unsettling but ended the best way possible but it was pushed far which was effective.

There were shocks and twists throughout the best being Henry attempting to kill Mr. Sandin, I really didn’t see that coming.  Other twists were more predictable and there were too many points at which someone was nearly killed and then it was dragged out until someone came to save them, it would have been better if they had escaped some other way.

There was a real sense of terror throughout and the situation continued to worsen which added to the atmosphere.  Mr. Sandin’s death was understated but I feel that was appropriate, and the performance by Lena Headey as Mrs Sandin was brilliant and really made you feel for the family and get behind them in their fight for survival. Adding the neighbours to the purge at the end was good and it was interesting to see how it all played out.

BIGGEST FLAW – Sometimes too predictable

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Highlighting moral issues

Rating – 8/10


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