Die Hard 4.0 (DVD Screening)


Only In Die Hard!

(Spoiler Free)

Okay so everyone knows that the original Die Hard is brilliant and then the next two kept the franchise going but never quite got back to that epic beginning.  Die Hard 4.0 definitely gets closer to the original. I really enjoyed this installment.

This movie had some great characters, of course McClane was back at his best with more action and brilliant one liners. Unexpectedly Justin Long did a great job and his relationship with Bruce Willis on screen worked really well.  Also the stand out villain had to be Mai Linh, the Asian assassin who simply wouldn’t die! Unfortunately the main villain Thomas Gabriel wasn’t great, he was unconvincing and didn’t come across as particularly threatening but his horde of henchmen were great!

The action sequences were the best they have ever been, police cars shooting down helicopters, trucks falling down elevator shafts and of course the finale scene of the jet versus the tanker! At times I suppose the action did become a bit far fetched however I think it’s allowed as it is Die Hard, and it didn’t bother me.  The combat scenes took a step forward from the previous outings but im just not sure how much more Bruce Willis can take, it a few scenes he was looking slightly haggard – but I guess that’s half of why it was so awesome!

BIGGEST FLAW – Unconvincing villain


Rating – 8/10


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