Die Hard With A Vengeance (DVD Screening)


McClane is back again!


This is the third outing for John McClane and the Die Hard series. After the second outing didn’t quite meet the expectation of the first film I was hoping that Die Hard With A Vengeance would get a bit closer, unfortunately this wasn’t the case.  The start of the film puzzled me and I still don’t understand the relevance of that scene at Harlem where McClane is introduced to Samuel L Jackson’s character, Zeus. What benefit was this to Gruber?

I thought that Jeremy Irons did a great job of playing the villain Simon Gruber, but mainly while he was on the phone delivering riddles to McClane and Zeus, I enjoyed watching the characters trying to figure out each one and get to the next stage.  However it was fairly obvious as soon as it was revealed that ‘Simon’ was German that he was going to be some relation to Hans Gruber from the first movie. Once Irons appeared on screen he was no longer as menacing as his presence on the phone had been.

This outing did have quite a lot of humour which was definitely necessary and helped to keep things moving, the relationship between McClane and Zeus was good.  There were also some good action sequences but there were no stand out fight scenes like the previous 2 outings had. And the villains deaths didn’t match my expectations. I feel that this film was dragged out too long and could have been a bit shorter it just seemed like there were several natural stopping points.

At times I just felt it was too frantic and that the movie would have benefited from a more simplistic plot, maybe just sticking with the riddles like it started as I enjoyed that.

BIGGEST FLAW – Too frantic at times


This was unfortunately the worst of the franchise so far but still managed to be a good action flick, I was never bored and the action kept coming. Bruce Willis did a great job of keeping the character of John McClane really likeable and helped the film with this performance.

Rating – 6/10


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