Man Of Steel (Cinema Screening)


Henry Cavill is Superman

(Spoiler Free)

So I missed the initial release of Man of Steel as I was out of the country and when I returned lots of movie fans were laying into it so I was even more intrigued to see what it was going to be like.  This was also the first Superman film that I saw, in short I loved it.

The cast was brilliant, Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe and Amy Adams were all brilliant in the roles they play.  I am not usually a fan of Russel Crowe but his part was great.  Also at first when Amy Adams appeared on screen as Lois Lane I wasn’t that keen on her portrayal but very quickly I changed my mind and actually loved her performance and she made the character really likeable.

I really enjoyed the various flashbacks to Clark’s childhood on earth and thought they were done really well especially the music in these scenes, creating a real sense of endearment to his earth family.  This franchise is clearly more geared towards science-fiction than some other superhero movies, but as long as you accept this fact the story is easy and enjoyable to follow.

Michael Shannon’s villain Zod was the only thing that wasn’t brilliant.  He was good but I just don’t think he was the villain that he could have been, he will quickly fade into the background of movie villains when you compare him to the likes of the Joker or Bane from the Batman series.  However as this movie was a lot about Clark finding out who he was maybe a more minor villain was appropriate.

This film was epic it did remind me of the more serious superhero franchises, like that of Batman as it lacked in humour but I didn’t mind that at all, this could be the start of another great trilogy from the DC comics.

BIGGEST FLAW – The villain wasn’t great

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The cast (The 4 mentioned above in particular)

Rating – 9/10


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