A Good Day To Die Hard (DVD Screening)


Like Father Like Son


So I have finally reached the end of the Die Hard franchise, well for now anyway! At the start I was slightly concerned at how old Willis was looking but that quickly left me as he dawned the wheel of a military vehicle and was dodging RPGs, standard!

The strength of this installment was the relationship between John and Jack McClane and how they put their differences aside to ‘kill the bad guys’.  McClane was a good as ever and was still firing out the one liners which are always genuinely funny.  The action was really good as well featuring the McClane’s jumping through windows, down scaffolding pipes and driving trucks out of helicopters.  It amazes me how they can still come up with new ideas.

None of the villains were great really but that didn’t mind as there were several twists and turns and in a Die Hard movie you really just want to see McClane blow stuff up anyway regardless of who it is, and this is what we got.  One thing that was lacking was the classic combat scenes that often feature in the previous movies (icicle through the eye – Die Hard 2) but it was nice to see the villain get chopped up by a helicopter propeller. I didn’t think I would ever say this but I think there can be such a thing as too much slow motion, not so much was needed in the final scene – but I still loved it!

This installment also sets up the franchise perfectly to be continued by Jack, as I think that is the last outing for John but it was a flipping brilliant one to finish on.

BIGGEST FLAW – No great combat scenes


Rating – 8.5/10


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