The Tourist (DVD Screening)


The action in The Tourist begins straight away, with men following Angelina Jolie’s character Elise immediately starting the intrigue of the viewer.  Jolie does an amazing job of playing Elise, easily the only likeable character in the movie.  She portrayals Elise as a mysterious woman who eludes elegance, and watching her performance is enjoyable.    Unfortunately the intrigue does not last much further than the opening sequence.  The movie then becomes too slow moving to really keep the interest of the viewer.

The concept is hard to believe at stages, for example that a stranger (Johnny Depp’s character, Frank) would so openly commit to Elise and go along with what she said – however this does make more sense when the twist is revealed at the end.  Johnny Depp’s character was positively boring throughout the whole film and if it wasn’t for Angelina Jolie I would have been fighting to stay awake.

The action sequences were poor as well, the first chase scene was so unconvincing.  There was no desperation from either parties and it seemed to have a more comical feel to it which I didn’t like.  The boat scene was better but still feel flat somehow.

I couldn’t deal with the cliched love story as well, it seemed bearable at first but as the film goes on it just increased and became ridiculous (slow motion shots of Jolie mouthing ‘I love you.’) When the twist is revealed after a fairly drawn out and boring finale it just left me confused and baffled. What is the point of Depp’s character actually being Alexander all along, it just doesn’t make sense e.g. why was he always so confused at the situation when he already knew most of the information.  There are many loop-holes caused by this pointless twist that ruined any chances of this movie being salvaged.

This was possibly another case of me not realizing what kind of film it really was before watching but still it was pretty terrible apart from Jolie and the locations which made it soft on the eye but that’s all that it managed. Oh and I also enjoyed Timothy Dalton’s input, but that’s just the Bond fan in me!

BIGGEST FLAW – The pointless twist


Rating – 3.5/10


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