Despicable Me 2 (Cinema Screening)


Despicable Me 2 has been the first animated film that I had actually wanted to see in the cinema for a long time, especially after the brilliance of the first one.  The minions were back in force and I enjoyed this one in a screen full of kids, as is to be expected.

There were so many gags with the minions, most of which were genuinely funny that you didn’t need to be under the age of 10 to appreciate. The rest of the characters were great as well.  Gru (Steve Carrell) was back at his best, and his new partner Lucy (Kristen Wiig) was a great addition to this plot.  I really liked all the spy stuff that went on in this one and appreciated the subtle references to James Bond.  I also enjoyed the few references to the first movie but this movie could also stand alone from the first and you could enjoy Despicable 2 without having had to watched the previous.

There was generally nothing I didn’t like about this film but it just didn’t seem as good as the first outing.  However saying that this is a film for kids and all the kids who were watching it at the same time LOVED it, and I really enjoyed it too.  From sharks with rockets, to underwater cars to unimaginable first dates Despicable Me 2 really does have something for the whole family.

BIGGEST FLAW – Just falling short of the first one

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The Minions (Best thing about both movies)

Rating – 9/10


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