Darktide (DVD Screening)



“How do you out swim a shark, you don’t have to, you just have to out swim the guy beside you” Darktide – a more realistic shark movie than most out there – but is this a good thing, yes and no.

Unlike most shark movies in Darktide you see the sharks straight away, this kinda takes away the suspense of the big reveal of when they usually attack.  Usually I’m terrified in shark movies but I was quite comfortable during this one.  There were only a few attacks in the whole movie, they were inventive and some looked good.  However for quite a lot of the movie it was hard to tell what was going on as it was usually set at night.

I applaud this movie though as it made a really good attempt at actually having a storyline other than simply the blood-thirsty sharks.  However as to how effective it was im not sure, too long was spent on the build up and the aspects of the storyline they were trying to establish, where I think more time in the water would have been better. Also Halle Berry’s character Kate and Zukie needed to pick one language to speak in instead of switching between different ones mid sentence (literally). This was annoying. However Tommy was a great addition to the script and injected humour which was good.

At times it felt like more of a documentary than a movie, mainly because of the great footage of the sharks, which was refreshing compared to the poor CGI sharks in a lot of other shark flicks.  However this does limit what you can do with the sharks.  It was fairly predictable but it did a good job of steering clear of usual cliches and wasn’t the usual trashy shark rubbish, but its fair to say I kind of missed some of that.

BIGGEST FLAW – Maybe too realistic

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Great footage of the sharks

If you liked Open Water you will probably like this.

Rating – 7/10


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