Monsters University (Cinema Screening)


So 12 years later and we are back with Mike and Sully, but it’s a prequel and our two favorite monsters are at University. This was one thing I was glad of, I was happy we got to see a different aspect of the monster world and that we didn’t simply get a Monsters Inc 2.  This story and setting was refreshing but stayed true to the original at the same time.

There was genuine humour for the majority of the film and there were some really funny gags regarding university life which im sure most adults would me able to identify with, im not sure how they would work for children though.  Also at times I thought it was a tad scary for younger children.  I liked seeing all the different designs of the monsters and Helen Mirren was great in her role Dean Hardscrabble.

The scare games was a great storyline and im glad that this was the main plot point of the movie, it kept me interested and provided loads of laughs and let us see loads of the different characters.

Unfortunately I felt the movie dragged on a bit after the finale of the games and there were several natural stopping points but tbh I understand this movie is for children and I may just have been incapable of keeping myself interested in it! If im honest I did enjoy Despicable Me 2 a lot more and would recommend it over this animation but kids will love it and any fans of the first will really enjoy this (I watched it with many of them!).

A final note, the animation was really really good! The beginning of some shots were so good you could be forgiven for thinking you were watching a regular movie!

BIGGEST FLAW – Too long, this was probably just me though!


Rating – 7/10


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