Side Effects (DVD Screening)



I had heard great things about ‘Side Effects’ and was disappointed that I didn’t make it to the cinema to see it.  However after watching it on DVD one word describes it very well – underwhelming.

There are no really likeable characters in this story which immediately makes it hard to engage with and at times it really was quite slow moving.  Yes the plot is clever and I think had potential but the way it was produced just didn’t seem to work.  The shocks and the twists didn’t really make much impact and at times I was confused to what was happening.

Once Jude Law’s character, Dr Banks begins to work out that something isn’t quite right it picks up slightly but they way he discovers the evidence just wasn’t as exciting as it could have been, resulting in a fairly bland film.  Saying that I did want to find out what the real plot was and it kept me watching.  Also once it was revealed that Emily had in fact planned Martin’s murder I was keen to discover her fate.  However I thought the ending was pretty predictable and something a bit more risky or unexpected could have been of benefit to the overall feel of the movie.

BIGGEST FLAW – Underwhelming


Worth a watch but I wouldn’t worry to much if you don’t get round to seeing it.

Rating – 6/10 


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