The Wolverine (Cinema Screening)



When you are in the cinema and you see and hear the flickering of comic book pages as the Marvel logo appears you know you are in for a treat.  The Wolverine, probably one of Marvels all time favorite characters, getting  another individual movie.  As well as this, set in Japan (I love all things Asian)  – it all just sounded too good to be true and in short it was.  I was so disappointed with this movie.

Firstly it isn’t until about the last half and hour that anything really happens, the rest of the film is, dare I say it, quite boring.  The lack of action throughout is astounding and when we get some here and there the scenes are nothing special.  I was expecting the fight scenes if anything to be good in this movie because of it’s setting, they really didn’t exploit this well.  Will Yun Lee was quoted saying that – “You will never see more ninjas in a movie!” He clearly needs to go watch any other movie set in Japan!

The villains were pretty poor as well, at one point there is 3 of them! It was hard to know who the main villain was and im not even sure that there was a main one.  Viper sounded amazing on paper but was pretty rubbish on screen.  More should have been done with this character, more screen time at least because she could have been memorable with a little effort.  I think there may have been some casting issues also as I really didn’t like the character of Yukio, im not sure if it was the actress or not but this character was simply irritating.

A lot of this movie baffled me as well, I was surprised at how quickly Logan seems to get over Jean.  Throughout the movie scenes are played out showing how much he is struggling to move on, but as soon as he meets Mariko things are all better.  I thought this was a bit of a cop out and would have liked to see Logan wrestle with this issue slightly more. Talking about references to the rest of the X-men series the after credits scene had no impact on me either.  Possibly because of badly kept secrets regarding the plot of the next film, but the appearance of Magneto and Professor X did little for me and I think too much was shown in this clip, it should have just shown The Wolverine spotting them or something.

I realize how incredibly negative this review is, however it’s just because of how much I wanted to like the film.  I love all things Marvel and was just disappointed in the movie, with a few tweaks it could have been so much better, but instead it takes it place firmly at the bottom of the pile of films from the X-men franchise.

Saying that the things that I did enjoy were Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of The Wolverine, it is his 5th proper time in this role so as you would expect he has this role down to a tee which is always enjoyable to watch.  Also there is a great scene where Logan gets his powers back and there is a kick ass grizzly bear near the start of the movie.

BIGGEST FLAW – Lack of pace and action

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Hugh Jackman’s performance

Rating – 5/10


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