Cellular (DVD Screening)



I thought that this would be a decent action flick by the sounds of the plot and the few clips I had seen, and it delivered just that.  However Cellular was pretty slow to start and it took a while to grab my attention.

The film starts so abruptly that it is kind of random, although it does mean that it gets stuck straight into the movie but a bit more of a build up might have been better.  Kim Basinger plays Jessica Martin, a mother and wife who gets kidnapped.  She was so unconvincing the whole way through the film and at times became rather irritating.  This was inconvenient as im guessing the viewer was meant to feel sympathy for her but at times this was difficult.

However once you get past the dodgy acting and the slow start Cellular is a really enjoyable movie.  Jason Statham and Chris Evans put in good performances in and when the movie gets into its final 40 minutes it really kicks off.  There is pretty good action throughout and there are some good fight scenes.  It quite predictable at times but this didn’t really bother me because it had good action, the right amount of humour was injected also complementing the action.

Circumstances are pretty convenient throughout the film allowing the plot to continue and Evans character to get closer to the Martin family and it was fairly obvious that Tanner was in on the whole plan but I didn’t mind because Cellular did deliver a great action flick.  However I am dubious as to how much I would have enjoyed the movie if I hadn’t known the lead actors of Statham and Evans.

BIGGEST FLAW – Kim Basinger’s performance

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Final 3rd of the movie (action-packed)

Cellular is a really enjoyable hostage style movie, that will keep any action fan happy.

Rating – 8/10


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