Hot Fuzz (DVD Screening)



So 2007s action comedy Hot Fuzz had evaded me until now but boy am I pleased that I have finally given it a watch.  I love action movies and I love cop duo ones too, so this had everything I wanted.

I loved the British core of actors involved in this film and it was fun to notice them as they kept popping up throughout the film (Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman and Bill Bailey etc) However the star of this movie for me had to be Nick Frost, he was brilliant.  His performance throughout was perfect.  His character Danny Butterman was the key for this movie.  I particularly enjoyed his references to older action films such as Point Break.  The moment he reveals his DVD collection appealed to the movie fanatic in me, this is the perfect comedy for action fans.

Talking about the action, there is actually a decent amount and quality of that in Hot Fuzz, of course the final scene is the best and completely worth waiting for, you will not be disappointed.  Timothy Daltons’ performance was also very enjoyable and he was a great addition to the cast, a good villain for the movie.  The Sandford Police Service characters were all brilliant and contributed really well to the comedy, especially the Andys!

The comedy was consistent throughout, I didn’t think there were really any properly hilarious moments but the comments made by characters throughout always provided a laugh and that was all that was needed for this action comedy. Thankfully the soppy love storyline found in so many films was ignored this time which was refreshing.   I really didn’t have many issues with this movie, maybe at one point the plot was beginning to become a bit ridiculous but I honestly think they got the balance right.

BIGGEST FLAW – Maybe could have taken the comedy a bit further

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Nick Frost/Danny Butterman

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost deliver a brilliant action comedy that fans of either genre will thoroughly enjoy. A definite for any movie fans DVD collection.

Rating – 9/10


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