Push (DVD Screening)



Push is a 2009 Sci-Fi action thriller, it is all about humans who are born with special abilities (basically X-men without the lycra costumes).  As I read all the reviews on the DVD cover I was surprised at the caliber of praise it was receiving from reputable sources such as Total Film and Empire.  I wondered why it was receiving such praise but I had heard little about it in the past and what can I say but that I was pleasantly surprised with this movie.

Okay if im honest the start wasn’t great and it did take a good 45 minutes or so to get started.  I was undecided whether or not I thought it was naff or clever during this period and the first action scene wasn’t great.  However once things really got going I thoroughly enjoyed Push.  One thing that was perfect about this movie was the music that accompanied it.  There was always the right piece of music for the scene and this really helped especially near the start when my interest was flagging but it also helped to enhance the more emotional or important scenes, they got this spot on.

The action was by no means the best I have seen but there was one scene near the middle of the movie in a restaurant that was the turning point for the movie. Chris Evan’s character confronts Agent Henry Carver who killed his father ending up in an exciting action sequence which was my favorite scene in the movie.  I wasn’t sure about the supporting cast, one minute I thought they were good and the next not so.  So if anything they had their moments but all in all were a little unconvincing.  However this didn’t bother me because of the clever plot which really does come together nicely towards the end.  I loved the plot point revealing that Kira had ‘pushed’ Nick into believing that they had been previously involved, I thought this was an amazing twist but was then disappointed that this was simply a push from Agent Carver to make Kira believe that she in fact was a Division agent (Sounds confusing, I know!)  Despite this disappointment I was happy with how the film ended however there were times that if the plot had been left as it was that ‘Push’ could have left more of an impact.

BIGGEST FLAW – Those stupid Chinese screaming guys, they just looked ridiculous

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The music placed so perfectly throughout

Push, a really pleasant surprise and a decent sci-fi action flick that I would say is under-rated, give it a chance and im sure you will enjoy some aspect of it!

Rating – 7.5/10


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