You’re Next (Cinema Screening)



Its no secret that I’m a wimp when it comes to horror films, but upon seeing trailers for You’re Next I felt that this was one that I could go see and probably watch most of without cowering behind my own knees! This was true to an extent and was an enjoyable watch, however as a horror I really don’t think it achieved much.

In terms of the actual horror I don’t think it did a great job.  The masks of the home invaders were not scary and especially when we have already had the likes of The Strangers and The Purge I feel that it didn’t make much impact regarding this aspect.  However there were two or three particularly disturbing moments during the film that did really cause horror to the viewers. (Namely the invader emerging from under the bed and when another sits down on the sofa beside the corpses of two victims).

There were some shocks along the way which was good and the film had plenty of jumps which was good and allowed for an enjoyable watch but I felt that parts were slightly predictable and I thought that the plot was pretty ridiculous.  Once the main villains were revealed to be  Felix and Zee the film took a turn for the worse.  This pair were very unconvincing villains and so half-hearted most of the time and I thought that it was fairly obvious that Crispian had some involvement as well! The tension was much better in the first half of the film and the end in particular was just silly, the exchanges between Crispian and Erin did not work and just came across as stupid.

I don’t think that the intended comedy mixed well with the horror in this instance however there were a few unintended laughs along the way, and that blender death was something else! You’re Next had plenty of gore so if that’s what you’re into than you will love this.  Erin was great, she was just a pure beast so you were able to get behind her and spur her on. I particularly enjoyed when she jumped through the window!  I also thought that the ending was very Final Destination like, and nearly cheapened what could have been a decent horror.

BIGGEST FLAW – Poor mixing of comedy and horror


You’re Next is a classic slasher style film, not many scares but plenty of jumps.  The characters abide by all the horror movies rules and deliver an enjoyable watch but nothing memorable and no new ground has been achieved here.

Rating – 6/10


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