The Way Way Back (Cinema Screening)



I have never really enjoyed these ‘coming of age’ type movies before and I wasn’t quite sure what it was that intrigued me to see The Way Way Back but something about the trailers did.  I really didn’t know what to expect from this movie but what I saw was a nice change from the usual genre’s I go for.

All the characters were spot on in this movie.  There were funny characters, who were really funny, there were likable characters and these ones were really likeable.  Then there were those ones who you were supposed to hate, and I certainly didn’t like them.  Who knew that ‘The nicest guy in show business’ Steve Carell could play such an ass (Trent) . This was such a different direction for Carell but one in which he has excelled in.  Other standout characters would have to be Betty (Allison Janney) she was brilliant and always added humour when necessary.  However I think the best character was Owen (Sam Rockwell) this character was also funny but as well as that it was great to see his bond with Duncan (Liam James) develop over the film and it was easy for him to become the most likeable character in the whole movie.

I think why I enjoyed this film so much is simply the fact that Duncan finds somewhere to be happy.  Amongst all the crap that is going on in his life he still manages to find that place where he can be himself and be happy even if it is only for one summer. (Isn’t this what we are all striving for?) The setting of a water park was perfect and provided the opportunity for some great scenes and going to see this movie was the ultimate way to try and hold on to the summer!

I think the reason why this film worked is because they delved deeper into the issues than surface level but they never went to deep as to make the film more depressing or something that it wasn’t – possibly could have come boring, but it never did.  They managed the story so well and always balanced the tone perfectly.  The Way Way Back was a funny film but I wouldn’t brand it as a comedy however it was genuinely funny, and funnier that a lot of recent comedies.  It was simply very endearing, and I found myself enjoying it more than I had anticipated.

BIGGEST FLAW – There honestly was nothing about this film I didn’t like

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Casting/Character development

The Way Way Back is the surprise of the year for me, I would say that it’s a must see and one for definite DVD purchase. Good Show.

Rating – 10/10


4 thoughts on “The Way Way Back (Cinema Screening)

  1. Yes, I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much – it didn’t try and push boundaries but it was simple and they did it so well that it doesn’t matter that it was safe, as you say very enjoyable!

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