White House Down (Cinema Screening)


This film was awful.  Sorry I just had to get that out of my system.

So this year saw the battle of the White House movies, well it’s safe to say that Olympus Has Fallen wipes the floor with White House Down.  After how much I enjoyed OHF I was so looking forward to what I thought would be another White House epic and I really wanted to like this movie however I just couldn’t for so many reasons.  I always had thought it was going to be unfair as I knew I would compare the two but these films are at opposite ends of the spectrum completely!

WHD had so many issues, where to start? Well firstly how easy is it to get into the White House!? The villains pretty much dandered on in without so much as security check while Channing Tatums character gets searched for explosives on entry.  While we are on explosives I have to say that the effects in this movie were not great which did not help the already ridiculous action sequences, one that was particularly bad involved the presidential limo doing doughnuts of the fountain on the White House lawn.

The mix of humour and action was terrible despite this I laughed for a lot of this movie (not for good reasons) it just spiraled and spiraled into more and more ridiculousness.  All the villains were hopeless and there was no continuity between them.  Although the villains were crap, the ‘heroes’ weren’t much better, now, I like Jamie Foxx but his portrayal of the President I did not.  However there were several characters worse than his most notably would have to be Emily.  I think it would have helped if this character was in anyway likeable but as she was not little sympathy was felt while she was in several different hostage situations.  I will give WHD one element of praise – when Channing Tatum’s character was by himself his action sequences were much better and had potential.

Pretty much all of the dialogue was stupid and half of the film didn’t even make sense, the plot was beyond imagination and in several instances the story just didn’t add up.  Now I have quite a high level of tolerance for silly action movies but this one takes the biscuit.  I was half expecting to see Iron Man appear on screen when Air Force 1 was attacked and saying that his presence would actually have helped WHD.

However WHD saves its ‘best’ (worst) scene for the finale which involves Emily – an eleven year old girl managing to call off an air strike on the White House by twirling an American Flag – what even!!! I actually felt like I was watching a spoof of OHF it was that bad.  Also this film was far far too long, it was drawn out and because the plot changed so much it managed to become boring very quickly.  I could literally go on for pages and pages at how bad this was.

BIGGEST FLAW – Everything

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – That I only looked at my watch twice

I have seen people say that White House Down was better than Olympus Has Fallen, those people need to re watch at least one of these movies and I can tell you which one it should be.  Gerard Butler, you win.

Rating – 1/10


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