Moon (DVD Screening)



Moon has received brilliant reviews and has been praised by critics, however this is not why I chose to watch it.  For me after seeing Sam Rockwell’s performance in ‘The Way Way Back’ I wanted to explore some of his previous films.  I’m a big sci-fi fan so naturally I decided on Moon.

The great reviews and ratings are most definitely warranted as Moon was fantastic.  In a way it was so simple but then it really wasn’t.  I enjoyed that there was no need for a lengthy back story but instead a short introduction that set the scene was all that was needed.  I liked the design of the set and thought the film looked great, the graphics for the scenes on the surface of the moon could possibly have been better but this really didn’t bother me.  One area where this film excelled was the score, it was so good.  It had continuity throughout but adapted itself to different scenes making it the perfect accompaniment to the story.

Sam Rockwell was brilliant in this, as I had expected.  He gave so many different dimensions to his performance and to the character of Sam.  My favorite scene had to be that of when what the viewer thinks is the original Sam is playing on the fact that the new Sam cannot control his temper by dancing along to ‘Walking On Sunshine.’  This provided humour and provided a new slant on this style of film, as before sci-fi films have mostly been quite serious but Moon allowed for some space to move around in the genre making it more than just a science fiction movie.

However at times it was quite predictable, however this is not the fault of the film itself but more so the trailer.  Once again the trailer for Moon revealed far to much and made it apparent that there would be clones featured. (Trailers ruin films). However I did always expect Gerty (Kevin Spacey) to be revealed as a villain, but im glad that this wasn’t the case.  I also now understand the comparisons many brought between ‘Oblivion’ and Moon.  I can now see why many thought that ‘Oblivion’ was unoriginal as it does seem that it has lifted ideas and themes straight out of this picture.

Moon was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it and the small cast did a brilliant job of keeping the story interesting. The ending was good too and I think it fitted the tone of the film perfectly.  Fans of sci-fi should definitely see this as for me its a breath of fresh air within this over crowded genre.

BIGGEST FLAW – Graphics could have been a bit sharper

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The different themes brought out through Rockwell’s performance

Rating – 9/10


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