Sharknado (DVD Screening)



The ‘creature feature’ is a unique and rare bread of movie genre, but I have to say that it’s one of my favorites.  Many movie fans and critics alike find the entire premise puzzling and can’t seem to get their heads round the idea often partaking in a bit of film snobbery.  However I just want to let you all know that the fans of this genre know that the films are awful, they have beyond terrible acting, special effects that can be beaten by a 5 year old on windows movie maker and ridiculous story lines that it’s hard to believe anyone could ever even dream up – but that is what is so good about them! They are so bad they are good!

Now Sharknado has to be the most talked about of this genre and it has received the most publicity of any to date, securing several trends on twitter during its production and release.  However I am one of the unlucky few who don’t have the channel SyFy so I missed the TV screening of it earlier in the year.  My patience has rewarded me though as I stumbled upon the DVD and I was probably too happy about this fact, but fans of the genre will understand my excitement.

Now onto the actual film – well first I should address that this film is about sharks in a tornado…yes, that is sharks in a tornado, thought I better repeat that just in case you missed it.  The funny thing is that movie fans have become so used to hearing about this movie that that idea has become normal to them, people have conversations about this film without blinking an eyelid, I just want to take a moment to praise the stupidity of this entire invention of the Sharknado! Bravo to who ever thought this up.  However what I had come to expect from the creature feature was somewhat lacking here – I want to see pathetic characters struggling to defend themselves against these beasts they come up against, I want to see hilarious reactions and shocking and blunt dialogue.  Unfortunately everyone in Sharknado was pretty good, which meant not much of what I have just listed really happened.

The sharks were a bit pants as well, they kind of just flail about in the tornado and don’t really have much impact – clearly as 5 of the main characters survive!? What is that about, I was waiting the entire time for Tara Reid’s character to meet a crazy over the top death, but this moment just didn’t happen.  There was also a section about 20 minutes long about an hour in when there weren’t even any sharks! I just didn’t understand this, however after this I suppose it did redeem itself with a few good deaths and some quality reactions from the victims.  I also enjoyed the several nods to Jaws that were featured, “We’re gonna need a bigger chopper” was amongst the best.  None of the characters were likeable and you didn’t hate any either which meant you never really had anyone to root for.  However let us just remember this movie is about sharks in a tornado!!! That is always gonna save it really.

I’m afraid to say that Sharknado didn’t really exceed my expectations and I could name several other titles in this genre that would provide much more entertainment but to avoid showing off my embarrassing knowledge of this genre I will let you stumble upon these yourselves.  What Sharknado really needed was a cameo from Debbie Gibson or Tiffany, veterans of this genre.  Oh and also would anyone be able to shed any light on this – does throwing handmade bombs into tornadoes actually stop them, I’m guessing not?  Ah well none the less Sharknado is exactly what is says on the tin and you are always gonna have fun watching it – I would recommend viewing in a group for the best creature feature experience and maybe placing bets on which characters survive, sure make a night of it!

BIGGEST FLAW – Too many survivers

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Sharks….in a tornado!

Oh and did I mention, this movie has it’s own song.

Rating – 6/10


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