Thor The Dark World (Cinema Screening)



Thor has quickly become one of my favourite Marvel heroes, through his first solo outing and his involvement in The Avengers he has ascended the ranks to be up their with Iron Man for me.  Now I was lucky enough to go to a Thor double bill at one of my local cinemas, Thor being shown at 10.00PM and Thor The Dark World at 00.01AM.  This was great as I would have liked to revisit the original anyway but this double bill was brilliant as it allowed me to compare a lot easier and it gave a better all round picture of the story, however I feel my tiredness may have marred my judgement slightly but I have tried to be as fair as possible.

Thor is back and he is better than ever, his fighting scenes are great and some of the mid-air shots with him and his hammer are fantastic, more of what we have loved from his last two outings.  All the characters seem more established here but the whole film had a more light-hearted vibe from the word go which I didn’t like, I think it took something away from the great tone and atmosphere of the first.  In terms of the villains, the dark elves, really? How exciting can elves really be even with Christopher Eccelston heading them up – I don’t think this is any fault of his I just think these characters were limited in what they could achieve and they were nothing exciting. However where Thor The Dark World makes up for this is Loki’s involvement!

Now I have never been the biggest fan of Loki in the past, I never thought he was a great villain but after his role in this outing I have firmly changed my opinion. He was brilliant, his brought a sinister edge to the film that those elves simply couldn’t bring and I’m excited to see where the story goes from here, flip that ending was something else!  The relationship between Thor and Loki is really interesting to watch in this outing and im glad that this was explored slightly more as without this plot point this film would have most definitely have struggled.

Much like the first film there is a lot of humour featured and it is genuinely funny however there was far to much of this featured in the final battle scene, for me it didn’t go well together and it seemed like the director was just fishing for some cheap laughs to compensate the lack of atmosphere in the final scene, now these bits were funny but for me they were gravely misplaced.  Although the humour throughout the rest of the film was great and I have to say that cameo from Captain America was just brilliant, it was so unexpected and it just worked so well.

At times the plot was slightly confusing, I was able to grasp the outline of the plot however smaller details did become confusing, such as all the portals in the final scene, but this could of been due to the hour of the morning that I was watching.  If I’m honest I preferred the simplicity of the original but I understand things have to become more complicated for it to progress.  I wasn’t very impressed with the after credits clip and I actually thought it looked fairly low-budget and it just screamed Pacific Rim at me, ah well im sure all will be revealed in time, oh and I wouldn’t bother waiting for the very final clip after ALL of the credits, look it up on Youtube its nothing special.

BIGGEST FLAW – Misplaced humour

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Captain America cameo

If anything this Thor double bill has cemented my love of the original Thor and im afraid that The Dark World didn’t match up to it’s brilliance, however it is still a great film which I’m looking forward to re-watching and im curious to see where this story goes.

Rating – 7.5/10


2 thoughts on “Thor The Dark World (Cinema Screening)

  1. Yeah I too was disappointed in the story. The Humor was very badly misplaced not only in those final battle scenes, but all over. The final clips are kind of cute but yeah it’s nothing worth staying for

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