Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (DVD Screening)



Somehow in my 19 years of existence on this planet I have managed to evade the entire Star Wars universe, I have always meant to explore the movies but just never got round to it.  However once a group of my mates discovered that I hadn’t seen any of them things quickly changed, “You haven’t seen Star Wars, that’s like not having eaten”. I have decided I’m not going to do a proper review of A New Hope, for several reasons.  Firstly I already had some understanding of some plot points and the characters just through other films and TV etc.  I also watched this episode with 4 die hard Star War fans so they were cracking jokes the whole time (many of which I didn’t understand) I feel this did enhanced my experience but also a few spoilers slipped out.  Instead of reviewing it I’m just going to share my thoughts.

Basically, I loved it.  I can now understand what all the fuss is about and the reactions I had received when I said I hadn’t seen any of this series. The fact that this film was released in 1977 amazed me, I believe that the graphics and even the ideas present in A New Hope were quite ahead of their time and for this I applaud it.  The retro graphics/sets/costumes didn’t even bother me I enjoyed this flashback to 70’s film.  Okay so some of the characters were kind of ridiculous looking but I’m guessing you just have to accept that this is Star Wars, some of the random aliens were actually pretty funny as well which I liked.  For me Harrison Ford as Han Solo was the best character present in this episode, his performance reminded me of his early days as Indiana Jones and I’m excited to see where his character goes from here.

My Mates warned me before the film started that Storm Troopers are the worst shots ever, and boy they weren’t lying but this was really entertaining and let’s face it they look pretty cool.  I always wanted to be able to make reference to them even when I hadn’t seen Star Wars.  The best part of the movie was when Skywalker and Solo boarded the Death Star and the various scenes that took place here made up for the relatively slow introduction (but im sure this was necessary). However once they escaped the Death Star I thought that would be the end of the film although there was a whole other sequence which made the film quite long.  I feel this is only a complaint of mine because of the time I watched this movie (Start time was approximately 00:30)

Nonetheless it’s safe to say I can’t wait to see what happens with the rest of the series. light sabers, Darth Vader and droids galore I’m hoping! a New Hope was an exceedingly enjoyable opener for the series and I can’t wait to get the DVD and re-watch it and maybe then I will understand all the jokes. Bring on the next installment – I shall share my thoughts on this as well!


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