2-Headed Shark Attack (Netflix Screening)



The creature feature strikes again.  What can I say, I just can’t resist these b movies, they are just too entertaining.  Much like Sharknado it’s all in the title here, 2 – headed….yes 2-headed Shark Attack.  How could I say no to this! Of course there is only one studio that could be responsible for this, The Asylum, and I must say I’m so happy that there are other like-minded human beings out there to me.

So how did 2-Headed Shark Attack measure up to it’s rivals in this genre?  Well firstly it boasts quite an impressive cast including none other than Brooke Hogan and Carmen Electra.  So with vaguely recognisable names attached to this cast you may have thought it was a cut above the rest however I was left a little disappointed after watching it – has to be said that I don’t think this reaches the heights that others have done in this genre.  Brooke Hogan and the majority of the cast cannot act, of course there is charm to this and it is to be expected in the creature feature however it didn’t bring out as much humour as it usually does.  Now for Carmen Electra – she fulfilled her role in the movie perfectly (Excuse me while I walk down some steps provocatively.)

2-Headed Shark Attack had all the basics of a good creature feature.  The annoyingly stupid plot points, terrible acting, repetition of the same shots but for some reason it just didn’t really come together.  However it did manage to take me back to Jaws 4 (The Revenge) as I witnessed the return of the roaring shark. Although if that is the only thing that you question about this movie you would be doing well.

2-Headed Shark Attack is by no means a leading picture for the creature feature but by no means the worst.  Watch it will a group of friends and you will find it amusing, but don’t be expecting it to be surprising or bring anything new to the genre (well apart from the 2 heads thing, that was pretty good.) I am beginning to worry that this genre has now been exhausted, and I find that sad. I’m just hoping for a more ridiculous concept to be brought forward because I’m starting to lose faith with these mutant predators – but if anyone is gonna do it we can count on The Asylum.

BIGGEST FLAW – It was too predictable

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – That there was only one ‘that’s what she said’ joke.

Rating 6/10


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