Planet Terror (Netflix Screening)



For a long time now a friend of mine has been recommending this film to me and finally this weekend I watched it.  I am not even a big fan of zombie films so from the get go it would be an understatement to say that I was skeptical. At first I was wondering why anyone would recommend this film however as the plot unfolded the whole thing became strangely captivating.

One of the best thing about this film was definitely it’s cast.  I enjoyed the appearances from Bruce Willis and Stacey Fergie-Ferg (Fergalicious) Ferguson and their involvement in the movie was great, I think it was their presence if anything that added something. I also loved the two leading ladies, Rose McGowan and Marley Shelton.  Before Planet Terror I hadn’t seen either in much else, but they were both great and Shelton’s character provided a lot of humour (floppy hands!).  The rest of the supporting cast did well tool and I genuinely thought everyone did a pretty good job.

Now for a disclaimer! Planet Terror is gruesome. Most of the time it is so ridiculous that it contributes more humour to the film however there are two occasions in particular that were positively disgusting, shock factor was the only benefit of the inclusion of these scenes.  The soundtrack was great and added well to the atmosphere of the whole film, I liked the whole way the film was shot and the style was something different from the usual zombie films and films in general actually. Much like many films I would recommend watching this film in a group, you will definitely enjoy it. Oh and there is that machine gun leg, that was fantastic.

BIGGEST FLAW – Some really bizarre scenes…


Give Planet Terror a watch, “it’s a no brainer!”

Rating – 8/10   


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