Homefront (Cinema Screening)



I had heard very little about this film, up until about 1 week before its release however from the TV trailers I had gauged that it was basically Taken with Jason Statham playing the kick-ass father rather than Liam Neeson.  If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know that this is exactly my kind of film, and yeah I really did enjoy it! However saying that, Homefront isn’t without it’s flaws.

Homefront starts with a sequence involving Statham’s character (Broker) being undercover amongst a meth gang, things get out of hand (typical Statham style) and a chase scene follows, this was a great start but it could easily have been a bit longer and slightly more exciting, although it got me excited for the action that was to come later on in the film, much later on may I add.  Yeah Homefronts biggest issue was its build up towards it’s finale.  Okay so there were a few fight sequences which were good however it took far too long to get into the main action section of the film, which really turned out just to be a finale.  This is where Homefront differs from Taken, it actually tries very hard to develop an intelligent script and I suppose that it does succeed here.  Despite this, it wasn’t what I really want from an action flick, but I give it praise for trying to actually build a story around several characters.

Although this a Jason Statham movie, so it already had me won over like! He is unreal as usual, just a pure machine and makes for some thrilling action set-pieces.  He is the ultimate action dad, and when he loses it these are the best scenes in the movie. James Franco wasn’t really anything special in terms of a villain but he did the job however his “meth whore” (Winona Ryder) made for some fantastic viewing. She was just pathetically hilarious, she had no idea what she was doing and she seriously amused me – at one stage I was just laughing to myself and my mates asked why, I told them and then Franco’s character shouts a line that just sums her up perfectly, made for a really funny moment, whether it was intended or not!

Action fans should enjoy this, and especially Statham fans – one of his better outings! Go see it in the cinema, you will have fun!

BIGGEST FLAW – Took too long to get going

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Every time Statham packs a punch, oh and Winona Ryder! (Look out for her final facial expression!)

Rating – 7.5/10


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