Transporter 2 (DVD Screening)



If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know that I am a big fan of Jason Statham, and I recently watched The Transporter.  Unfortunately I thought that it was awful, like really bad. However when I had bought the first film I also opted to buy the 2nd in this series as I assumed I would have enjoyed the first.  The only reason I watched the 2nd film was out of curiosity, like it couldn’t have possibly been any worse than the first, could it?

Thankfully Transporter 2 is much more of the Jason Statham that I love, and it turns out that it actually was a decent film. However I have to take into account the fact that I was really comparing it to the first outing and I think that most films would easily top that. There are several reasons that this film was so much better.  The action scenes were miles better and they were no where near as naff as the first one, however once I saw oil in one of the fight scenes I was worried that there was going to be a repeat of that awful scene from the first one.  At times the combat scenes did feel a bit too choreographed but this wasn’t too noticeable and is only a small criticism.  This time round there was appropriate music accompanying these scenes (thank goodness!) which added to the atmosphere and helped created the sense of tension and urgency that was required.

The storyline was simple and effective.  It had enough substance to it to keep my attention but not too much as to confuse me or to descend into ridiculousness.  However I couldn’t help but notice the similarities that the storyline had to Mission Impossible II, which also focuses on a plot to release a virus. Again this is simply an observation and not a criticism, although it’s clear that influence has been drawn here.  This film was fun, and that is what I want in an action move like this. Okay yes there were several naff moments featured but the standard of the action made up for those unlike the first film where the case was that the whole thing was ridiculous.  The scene involving the jet-ski chase was probably my personal favourite and is what this kind of film needs.  The final scene featured the plane was ambitious although wasn’t really to may taste. The villains here were also good, they did the job that was required of them (being Statham’s punching bags) and the main villains were a lot more threatening that any character in the first film. Even if one one of they apparently had never heard of clothes as she persisted to wander about in nothing but her bra and pants (each to their own sure).

In the end Transporter 2 destroys its predecessor and is endlessly more fun and memorable – naturally paving the way for the 3rd installment which I know will undoubtedly explore!

BIGGEST FLAW – Some dodgy effects


Rating – 7/10

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