12 Years a Slave (Cinema Screening)


(spoiler free)

12 Years a Slave is much more than a film.  This is another one of the rare occasions when I see a film and I feel that it is not appropriate to rate it as such.  The only other film that has caused me to do so was Prisoners in 2013. I simply want to outline a few of my thoughts on the film although I don’t feel like the word ‘film’ really gives it justice or accurately describes it.

Whilst watching I kept saying to myself, “this actually happened”.  For me 12 Years a Slave did an incredible job of showcasing the reality that was for so many slaves and this was certainly something that I had been lacking if I was ever to think about slavery, that reality.  It has helped me realise how naive I had been about the whole subject – if anything me seeing this film has enhanced my view on slavery.  12 Years a Slave had many scenes that were difficult to watch, although this will not be the case for everyone I thought these scenes were necessary and I think it was important that they were included.  It was the inclusion of these scenes that really brought out the true events and made me more aware.  Everyone should find this uncomfortable viewing, but I thought that it was good that it was featured and also to the level that it was.

I cannot praise the acting enough, I could hardly watch several scenes so I can’t begin to imagine how people could have acted these scenes out.  The entire cast did a wonderful job at dealing with this very sensitive material and I think that they should all be proud about their involvements. After the film ends particular parts of information are flagged up as is often the case in films based on true stories.  I would have loved to have seen some of this information featured in the actual film, I won’t ruin it for any of you who haven’t seen it but I feel that it could have added another aspect to 12 Years a Slave. This is not a film to be enjoyed as such, I feel it had a much greater intention.  I will probably not re-watch this film but I am very glad to have seen it. My musings will never do 12 Years a Slave justice so please just go and see it, I cannot say you will enjoy it but I really think that this is a piece of work that will achieve amazing awareness for this subject and you should be changed after seeing it.


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