Non-Stop (Cinema Screening)



If I am honest Non-Stop has been the first film that I have been properly buzzin’ for this year.  I was slightly nervous as usually when I am really pumped for a film, it can slightly underwhelm me however thankfully that was not the case for this one.  Ever since I saw the trailers I was sold, Liam Neeson on a plane. Enough said.

These are the kinds of films that I really enjoy.  To start with it has action, and plenty of it – I often wonder in films like this set in a limited space how they will keep things interesting but they always manage to surprise me and this was the case for Non-Stop as well.  The action did take a bit of time to pick up, but this didn’t bother me as what you were rewarded with well made up for the slow start! Non-Stop also had humour, not at all times intended but it had the perfect amount to sustain interest and entertainment when the action wasn’t taking place. Futhermore, then you have the air of mystery that surrounds the whole film, that whole ‘whodunnit’ or more like who’s doing it kinda vibe, which I love.  Non-Stop lets  the viewer guess who is behind everything, nothing is revealed too soon and I was genuinely surprised when the plot eventually unfolded. I was also very wrong, very incredibly wrong but I love this aspect of films! To me this is the perfect recipe for a film and the kind that I enjoy the most, these are the kinds of films that excite me and make me want to write.

Liam Neeson is, well Liam Neeson and kicks ass ‘Taken’ style – which is what we all wanted to see.  He plays a character who has a troubled back story and isn’t the stereotypical ‘hero’ we may be used to but it was cool to see him explore a role like this.  Also he has an awesome speech about half way through the film which could dare I say it rival his one from Taken.  Neeson was most definitely a great casting choice here.  I was slightly unconvinced by the identity of one of the villains and that was probably the films only weakness, however it was necessary for the plot and as I say I can quite easily get over it because of how great the rest of the film was.

Unfortunately this was another case of too much of the plot being revealed in the trailers, as if you had seen the trailers you pretty much knew the whole storyline bar the outcome, this is increasingly frustrating and I wish that filmmakers would pay more attention to the trailers. However to finish on a positive, oh my word there is also I think the coolest action scene I have ever seen which involves Liam Neesons character catching a gun in mid air and taking someone out with it – UNREAL. I almost just want to kidnap his daughter so that I can meet him.

BIGGEST FLAW – One of the villains was unconvincing

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – That speech, oh and that gun scene and pretty much everything.

Yeah, so this is by far my favourite film of the year – screw The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle this is where it’s at!

Rating – 10/10


2 thoughts on “Non-Stop (Cinema Screening)

  1. The best thing to do with a movie like this is to just let loose your perception of reality, and just have a little bit of fun. That is all really. Good review.

    • Yeah! These are the films I love the most, things that would never happen in real life – that is why they are fun! Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed reading!

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